Software Engineering Lab

The laboratory of software engineering is fundamental in training basic programming skills, particularly in the area of algorithm design and C/C++ programming. Moreover, it is also used in the introductory courses on IT networks, application of communication protocols (http/https, ftp) and web-page design (utilizing such technologies as HTML 5.0, CSS, XML, JSON, JQUERY, JavaScript, etc.). The laboratory consist of two air-conditioned rooms, equipped with 18 and 16 PCs, respectively. Depending on the class, either MS Windows 10 or Linux Ubuntu operating systems are used.


  • 16 PCs with MS Windows 10
  • 18 PCs with Linux Ubuntu
  • Beamer

Technologies studied and specialist software used:

  • C/C++ language (with gcc and g++ compilers)
  • Matlab (alternatively Octave or SciLab)
  • Protocols: http, https, ftp
  • HTML 5.0, CSS, DOM, XML with XSLT
  • JSON
  • JavaScript with jQuery

Realized courses:

Laboratory supervisor:

MichaƂ Sybis, PhD,