Mobile Terminal Programming Lab

In the lab for programing of mobile terminals, the attendees obtain practical knowledge and experience in preparing routines and programs for mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets or wearables. Two variants of software are used for code creation, depending on the underlying operating system: Android Studio for Android and XCode for iOS. Students may verify their codes using their own devices, by using smartphones from the laboratory, or by running the developed code on the software emulator of these boards.


  • 16 PCs with MS Windows 10, mostly with two screens and Internet access
  • Beamer with wireless connection
  • 7 Apple MiniMacs with the newest operating system and XCode environment

Technologies studied and specialist software used:

  • Android Studio
  • XCode

Realized courses:

Laboratory supervisiors

Marcin Rodziewicz, PhD, marcin.rodziewicz@put.pozan,pl

PaweĊ‚ Sroka, PhD,