Advanced Wireless Communications Research Lab

This laboratory is devoted primarily to scientific research conducted at the Institute of Radiocommunications, nevertheless, MSc and PhD students may also realize their work here. It is equipped with hardware enabling the design, implementation and testing of wireless systems based on the software-defined radio concept. In particular, there are evaluation boards PicoZed SDR (ADRV9361), Xilinx ZC702/706 modules with AD9361 transceivers, six MIMO transceivers supported by FPGA platforms. There are also six computationally powerful PCs, with specialist software tools, such as MATLAB/Simulink by Mathworks, FPGA Vivado by Xilinx, as well as software delivered by Mentor Graphics for the simulation and verification of FPGAs. The latter are available due to the many years of participation in the European program EUROPRACTICE.


  • Kits PicoZed SDR (ADRV9361)
  • Xilinx ZC702/706 modules with transceivers AD9361
  • 6 dedicated transceivers for MIMO transmission, supported by FPGA boards
  • 6 computationally efficient PCs


  • FPGA and Board Design by Mentor Graphics
  • Vivado Design Suite by Xilinx
  • Matlab/Simulink with various toolboxes


Laboratory supervisor:

RafaƂ Krenz, PhD,