Wireless Local and Personal Area Network Lab

As part of one of the essential teaching modules in the domain of wireless communications and IT, the wireless local and personal area network lab is intended for developing practical skills in the creation of wireless networks. Through the use of advanced and modern tools, the participants become familiar with details of transmitted signals and data, as well as protocols used in WLANs and WPANs.

There are 12 work stations in the lab, each equipped with PCs or laptops with dedicated built-in WLAN transceiver cards. Various WLAN devices are used, mainly, access points, access routers, bridges, controllers, and network adapters. Besides wireless devices, numerous elements of the structural networks are also used, such as manageable or non-manageable switches, wired routers, etc. The hardware used in the lab comes from various manufacturers: Cisco, Huawei, Linksys, TPLink, Dlink. Moreover, the lab is featured with a specialist spectrum analyzer, as well as advanced software tools designed for the analysis of traffic inside WLANs.


  • 12 sets of PCs,
  • 5 laptops,
  • Cisco wireless network devices: AP1200, AP 1300, BR1350, network adapters,
  • Huawei Wireless Network Devices: Access Points, Wireless Network Controllers, Managed Switches,
  • Cisco / Linksys wireless network devices, Access points, wireless routers, network adapters,
  • Tplink wireless network devices: 802.11ac wireless WLAN routers, network adapters,
  • Spectrum analyzer in the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands,
  • Measuring laboratory equipment from Philips and Metex.

Realized courses:

  • Wireless Local Area Networks,
  • Wireless telegraphy systems,
  • Security in wireless networks

Responsible person:

Robert Kotrys, PhD,  robert.kotrys@put.poznan.pl