Students Scientific Club Spektrum

The Spektrum Scientific Circle at the Institute of Radiocommunication brings together people interested in the subject of radiocommunication. The aim of our activity is to share knowledge about wireless systems among students of the Poznań University of Technology.

Currently, we are developing on many levels and we are conducting several research projects at the same time. As part of our research activities, we created software in several programming languages (C / C ++ / Python), designed and built electronic systems and used the Feko Altair tool simulations of electromagnetic fields. We also perfored material attenuation measurements for millimeter bands in an EMC chamber and presented our own activity at the Researchers' Night and the HOBBY Fair.

We also organize numerous trips to companies, as part of which we visited Nokia's headquarters in Wrocław and OMNI3D.

Our big success was winning the Student EMC Hardware Design Competition 2022. Our video entitled "Charging the Phone Adventure", in which we presented a wireless charging system took first place.

We are the organizers of a series of workshops in the field of neural networks, which are conducted by a graduate of our university, Dr. Eng. Michał Szymczyk Senior Data Scientist, WithSecureTM Certified TensorFlow Developer. During the training, participants explore the secrets of neural networks using the TensorFlow library and have the opportunity to use a lot of practical knowledge by a person from the industry. Active participants receive certificate, and for the best ones internship at WithSecure is available.

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Board of the Spectrum Science Club

Supervisors: dr inż. Krzysztof Cichoń and dr inż. Jarosław Szóstka
President: Nikoloz Glonti
Vice-President: Aleksandra Słomczewska
Secretary: Pawel Hatka