Maciej Krasicki, Ph.D.

Maciej Krasicki, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Tel.:+ 48 616653918
Consultations:Thursday 13:30-15:00
Maciej Krasicki received the Ph.D. and Doctor Habilitus degrees in communications from the Poznan University of Technology (PUT), Poznań, Poland, in 2010 and 2015, respectively. He is currently an Associate Professor with the Institute of Wireless Communications, PUT. His research area covers both theoretical and practical aspects of space-time coding and coded modulation, as well as the application of optimization algorithms in communications. In the recent years, dr. Krasicki has been involved in three research projects aiming to increase the data throughput in wireless local area networks and in three R&D projects related to unmanned aerial vehicles and satellite communications. He is an author of more than 45 journal and conference papers. He has published his results, among others, in IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, IEEE Communications Letters, Electronics Letters, and MDPI Electronics.
Professional interests
His research area covers space-time coding, iterative decoding, OFDM transmission, development of HDL code for FPGA-based wireless transceivers. He has developed a concept of labelling diversity and invented labeling-based recipient identification. In the period 2008-2014 Dr. Krasicki was involved in three domestic research projects aiming to increase the data throughput in wireless local area networks. Since 2016 he has been a member of project teams developing hardware transceivers for UAV and satellite communication.
Important publications
“Boosted space-time diversity scheme for wireless communications“ and “Boosted MIMO system with power weighting” (both published in Electronics Letters), "BICM-ID Labeling-Based Recipient Identification in a Heterogeneous Network" (Electronics), and “Comments on “Optimal Constellation Labelling for Iteratively Decoded Bit-Interleaved Space-Time Coded Modulation”” which appeared in IEEE Transactions on Information Theory.