Rafał Krenz, Ph.D.

Rafał Krenz, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Tel.:+48 616653912
Consultations:Thursday 9:30-11:00

Rafał Krenz graduated from Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Poznań University of Technology, Poznań, Poland. He studied Electronics and Telecommunications (finished in 1989) as well as Computer Science (finished in 1991). In 1990 he joined the Institute of Electronics and Telecommunications, Poznań University of Technology, as a teaching assistant. His research interests were devoted mainly to digital wireless communication systems, with emphasis on advanced receiver algorithms and structures for signals transmitted over multipath fading channels and channel estimation methods.

In 1996 he received his PhD in communication engineering from Poznań University of Technology. The PhD dissertation was entitled The effective algorithms for signal reception and channel estimation in digital mobile systems. At the same time he started working on radio resource management issues and joint detection receivers for spread spectrum cellular systems. He was also involved in research devoted to multi-hop mesh networks, including capacity estimation and optimization.

He published the results of the research in his habilitation thesis Selected methods of increasing the capacity in spread spectrum wireless systems and received his post-doctoral degree from Poznań University of Technology. Currently Rafal Krenz holds the position of the associate professor at the Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications, Poznań University of Technology. His research is primarily related to software defined radio (SDR) technology, with application to wireless, high bit rate data transmission systems, both from hardware and software point of view.

Rafał Krenz was involved in numerous national and international research projects. He participated in several projects financed by EU within Framework Projects, e.g. WINDFLEX, WINNER I, WINNER II, NEWCOM, NEWCOM++. He was also involved in several national projects, financed by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and EU Operational Programs, e.g. Future Internet Engineering. He published over 60 papers in international and national journals and peer reviewed conference materials. He is an active reviewer of papers submitted to journals and conferences, both on national and international level.

He is involved in teaching students on both bachelor and master level (in Polish and in English). The list of courses includes but is not limited to the following subjects: Introduction to Numerical Methods, Basic Internet Services, Spread Spectrum Communication, 4th Generation Cellular Systems, Wireless System Design, Radio Network Planning and others. He is also responsible for supervising bachelor and master thesis as well as doctoral students working towards their PhD at the Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications.

Rafał Krenz is responsible for Wireless Communication Lab, equipped with high quality measurement devices for testing wireless systems, which is used for teaching students at master level and for research purposes. He serves as EUROPRACTICE representative at the Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications as well.