Paweł Kryszkiewicz, Ph.D.

Paweł Kryszkiewicz, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Tel.:+48 616653923
Consultations:wtorek 16:00-17:30
Paweł Kryszkiewicz received his M.Sc. degree in Electronics and Telecommunication from Poznan University of Technology in 2010 and Ph.D. degree (with honors) in 2015. Since October 2010 he has worked at the Chair of Wireless Communication in the Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunication as the senior researcher. currently he is employed as an assistant professor at the Institute of Radiocommunications. He is author and coauthor of a few tens of scientific paper published in journals (from JCR list) and presented during Polish and international conferences.

He was the team member of international scientific projects, e.g.,
- COST IC0902 (Cognitive Radio and Networking for Cooperative Coexistence of Heterogeneous Wireless Networks)
-FP7 NEWCOM# (Network of Excellence in Wireless Communications)
-FP7 ACROPOLIS (Advanced coexistence technologies for radio optimisation and unlicensed spectrum)
-FP7 COGEU (COGnitive radio systems for efficient sharing of TV white spaces in EUropean context)
-H2020 COHERENT (Coordinated control and spectrum management for 5G heterogeneous radio access networks)
-Polish-Taiwanese collaboration founded by NCBIR (FAUST- Fog Communication and Computing for Sustainable Future of ICT)
-Collaboration with Fairspectrum (Finland) in a series of projects from 2018

National projects:
-NCN Preludium (Reception methods for cognitive radio system utilizing NC-OFDM modulation) project manager and main researcher
-NCN OPUS (Energy-Aware Cooperative Wireless Networks: EcoNets)
-NCN SONATA (Waveform adaptivity for effective spectrum sharing in small cell networks)
-NCN OPUS (Brain-Inspired Massive Radio Communication Networks: BioNets)
-NCN OPUS (Utilization of rich context information and dynamic spectrum access for wireless communications in platoons)
-NCN OPUS (Cross-layer design of ultra spectrally- and energy-efficient 6G system aware of radio front-end nonlinearity ) - as a project coordinator and principal investigator
Important publications