BSc and Msc Diploma Theses

Students are encouraged to pursue interesting ideas and ambitious projects as part of their diploma theses for BSc, Eng. and MSc degrees. Diploma candidates have at their disposal well-equipped laboratories enabling them to test the investigated solutions in practice.

Proposals for diploma theses for the academic year 2022/2023

The scope of diploma thesis

The scope of engineering and research subjects addressed in diploma theses is very broad – from pure programming and implementation work, to hardware solutions, to experimental topics. Here are some examples of subjects raised by diploma candidates in recent years:

  • A robot measuring the circumference and area of a room
  • A 3-dimensional game of SNAKE using FPGA
  • CheckDriver – an application tracking a taxi’s route in real time
  • The design of a mobile-terminal-controlled vehicle
  • A remote-controlled alarm system manager for mobile terminals
  • A microprocessor-based stage lighting controller
  • Measuremenet of LTE signal parameters
  • Using sensor networks for locating people inside buildings
  • Using the Arduino and Android platforms for bicycle and motorcycle security and route analysis
  • Piktomowa [Picto-speech] – a communication device for disabled persons
  • A Bluetooth-based video surveillance system
  • Dynamic spectrum access in the CBRS standard
  • An emulator of the EasyMx Pro v7 evaluation board for the ARM Cortex M4 microcontroller